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An Honest Review of Thunder Laser Machines

Making Beer Tap Handles … Watch The Video:

Video Transcript

This is my review of my thunder laser Nova 35. First of all I needed a laser because I create custom beer tap handles and a laser is required to get the detail that I want so the first thing I did is I looked on the internet to look at laser engravers and I found out that there are many many laser engravers out there.

My previous experience using a laser has been an epilogue, but unfortunately this time it was out of my price range in budget so I went to my next source and that was C&C; zone to see what others were purchasing and their experiences.

Time and time again thunder laser kept coming up as the one to look at within an hour from emailing the company I had a quote already from thunder laser. It was very clear that this was the company for me after doing some more research.

On June 14th my laser arrived in the port of Wilmington. It was very well packed and very well taken care of for his journey cross the pond. From the moment of unpacking it I knew this was a high quality laser. The fit and finish is remarkable. One of the things that impresses me the most is how well it's put together and how thoughtful it's put together in its whole approach. In fact if you look under the hood, the wiring is extremely neat and tidy. Everywhere you look you'll find thoughtful design this makes your whole laser experience with Thunder laser a great pleasure.

I chose to connect my laser through the Ethernet port which works very well. I was also very pleased with the industrial chiller and the exhaust fan which is extremely powerful. The control panel is very easy to use and very intuitive on the Thunderer laser system. I also purchased the Chuck rotary system so that I could do cylindrical objects other laser even included a small toolbox with appropriate tools and other parts that can complement your laser system. So what are the negatives of the Thunderer laser system? Well first I found this bolt and these two washers where do they go? I couldn't figure it out really the only issue that I have is finding ways to square up and organize things on the table. The system is very accurate when cutting. Everything I've cut from large to small turns out perfectly square and great. Thunder laser did provide a helpful suggestion of using a square on the table. It just didn't work that great for me but there is a simple solution. Make yourself a fixture this is my first old fixture but today we'll make a new one and I'll show you how it works.

So the first thing I do is I cut out a piece of plywood. For me 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch piece of plywood works great because it can align straight up to the edge of the table. The next thing I do is I actually cut out a silhouette of the item that I would wish to repeat engrave this allows me to visually and even physically align it up so I can repeat every cut every engraving to perfection every time in this particular fixture. I'm also cutting a recess out from medallions what's great about this videos that shows you how great the Thunder laser smart board is the cutting is done but it's controlling the exhaust vent to make sure that all the smoke gets out of the chamber just a little bit of finishing left here with a dremel and using a drill I can cut fold and the exhaust fan will actually work as a hold down for the lighter weight wooden parts every job does not always require a fixture to get great alignment using Rd works and the capabilities of the laser for framing you can create a false line so in order for you to see what it will look like on the material here is an example right now it's drawing my frame and I know that whenever I itch this that'll be perfect and aligned at least to the abilities of what I need for this type of engraving.

With a thunder laser even when you make a fixture there's no reason that it has to be ugly it can be attractive too and it can also include valuable information on the fixture of how to set up such as origin so how do I use this picture simply I but it against the back part of the Thunderer laser then an RD works I control the laser and sent it to its home position then using Rd works I'm able to control the laser and put it in the exact position of origin that I want for my repeated engravings you.

I can also do the same thing when I'm ready to engrave one of the medallions it's very simple to control the laser and move it into the origin position that you need after using the autofocus or manually focusing the laser I'm ready to move the piece into position using the lines that I cut previously as a guide it is now perfectly aligned and I know when I make my engraving and hole it'll end up perfect the same is true for the medallions. As you can tell I'm extremely pleased with my Thunder Laser Nova 35 purchase.

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