Quick Facts about Glass Laser Engraving

Thunder Laser has some of the best glass laser engraving machines. On a glass, we can etch designs in the form of photos, logos, etc. Glass engraving looks perfect on wine glasses, bottles, beers, and the likes. Also, we have different application types when dealing with Glass laser engraving, all these with explanation herein.

Laser Engraver for Glass 2

What types of Glass are best suitable for glass laser engraving?

  • Crystal glass
  • Cast Glass
  • Sheet Glass
  • Float Glass
  • Mirror Glass
  • Pressed Glass
  • Drinking Glassware
  • Wine Bottles

Laser Engraver for Glass 3

Why engrave on Glass materials?

– Optics

All optic glasses are solid materials cut into lenses for people with eye defects. Opticians goes ahead to engrave on these lenses. They provide information such as; magnification, lens quality and more.

– Automobile

Big automobile companies consult the best laser companies in the US when it’s time to engrave on their car. New generation auto designs now have a larger part of interiors made with glass materials. Most of them carry designs made with the use of laser engraving systems.

– Promotions

For businesses to grow promotional items seems helpful. Already established businesses used attractive promotional materials to win customer’s hearts. Doing the same for your own business shouldn’t seem unreasonable.

– Bottles

Having a bottle without a label mark makes such bottle less important. Champagne bottles uses glass laser engraving systems to represent their brands well.

– History and Decoration

Historical families are those who cherish events and moments. Thunder Laser has in-house glass engraving machines. Individuals may use these machines to engrave eventful pictures on glassy materials. These are people who use engraved pic as decoration in the house.

In conclusion, glass materials are best etched on using glass engraving laser systems. For conical glasses, there are laser support devices allowing rotation thus creating perfect designs without overlapping. If you have further questions about glass engraving don’t hesitate call us.