Our Quality Control Process

Exacting the highest standards throughout our process, including procurement, research and development, production, quality-testing, and after-sales service, has earned Thunder Laser coveted certifications from the CE and FDA for our technology offerings. With the direction of the technical experts from Germany we've raised the bar even higher than the standard regulations in the industry. Our commitment to quality in all our products and services offers Thunder Laser customers advantages found nowhere else in the industry. Because of our high standards we've won perfect marks across the international market, including Europe and America. See how our quality control process works below:

Why Thunder Laser

Thunder Laser offers only the best in laser cutting, marking and engraving technology, as well as an innovative research and development team that continues to improve the laser control system, products, and service.

Why is Thunder Laser amongst the elite in the laser cutting equipment industry?

Ground-Breaking Technology: The research and development team at Thunder Laser created the High Resolution head which enables 3D engraving on wood and marking on some metals that were impossible before the ground-breaking invention.

User-Friendly: The intuitive and simple controls and supportive after-sales services from the company mean all Thunder Laser equipment is extremely user-friendly compared to other cutting and engraving laser systems. 

Large- & Small-Scale Capable: The laser cutting, engraving, and marking equipment is capable of mass-producing numerous products with lightning speed and unwavering quality. It's also just as simple to create unique, custom pieces on an ad hoc basis.

Speed & Accuracy: The NOVA laser system implements designs and produces finished items with speed and accuracy. Edges are smooth, lines are sharp, and the finished results are exactly as defined by the user with reliable uniformity.

Compact Sizing for Small Spaces: The NOVA laser system offers equipment that is sleek and compact without compromising on quality. Users can possess Thunder Laser equipment no matter the size of the work space, from large manufacturing shops to small project rooms at home.

Economic Pricing: One of Thunder Laser's top priorities is to make laser cutting technology accessible to anyone. Through dedicated research and effective development they've produced equipment that offers high-end performance while maintaining affordable pricing.

Domestic & International Access: Thunder Laser provides products and after-sales service for clients the world over. If you're in the U.S. you can contact a dedicated U.S.-based Thunder Laser representative who is ready at your convenience to provide assistance.

Along with the reasons listed above, Thunder Laser offers an unparalleled quality control process. Learn more about how we ensure superior performance below.

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