Laser Cutting Fabric

Laser Cutting and the fashion industry

If we consider mass production, a laser seems to be fast and reliable for cutting fabric.

The CO2 laser does the cutting and engraving for most textile materials. There are quite a lot of textile materials in the fashion industry which are best recommended for Laser works. Some incredible fashion materials which allows laser cutting includes;

– Linen

– Lace

– Denim

– Polyester

– Cotton

– Silk

– Leather

– Acrylic

– Laserflexx and lots of more

Most synthetic textile materials are good for laser activities. This is because synthetics get melted by laser beams without destroying their original fiber.

Application of Laser cutting in the fashion industry

We can apply laser beams to many aspects of the clothing and fashion line. Doing this allows the achievement of varying designs. These are cutting designs that attracts people and also represent class. Laser cutting does some works of creativity on bags, shoes, coats, blouse, etc.

What are the advantages of using the Laser technology for you fashion outfit?

There are lots of assured benefits when using laser technology in the fashion industry. Crafters and designers gave their verdicts about laser advantages. See some of them below;

– With Laser cutting technology you can get a neat sealed edge for materials when dealing with synthetic materials.

– Laser cutting machine can create complex but simple shapes. This is achievable within a very short time frame. Thunder laser has some of these machines that helps with mass production.

– Laser cutting helps avoid distortion on fabric materials during processing. This is because all designs engineering runs by laser graphic programs then the follow print process command.

In Conclusion

If you are wanting to laser cut fabric, and have some questions about laser cutting machine, Thunder Laser can provide some help. There are a wide range of material cutting and laser designing machines to choose from. And about affordability, you don’t have to worry because there are lots of in-house affordable laser cutting machine for fabric materials.